About Us

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Hi, we are Karin and Alen and our goal is to help others live more naturally through practical tips, natural remedies, natural beauty recipes and more.

Why whatcure.com?

It all started for us when we got sick and none of the official medicine didn’t work as it should be, so we started searching for natural remedies which actually helped us to treat our diseases successfully. Karin was struggling with migraines and me with psoriasis, asthma, and hernia, which caused me chronic back pain.


Since we discovered the beauty of natural remedies our life become healthier. That’s why we decided to share our story with people who want to change their lifestyle and start living healthier using herbs, proper diets, exercises, and more.

Our lifestyle changed dramatically when we started learning about medicinal plants and their use to treat different diseases with them.

At whatcure.com you will find all of our best natural remedies, recipes for health and beauty with natural ingredients, reviews of health products and much more.

We are not doctors, so we advise you to speak with your doctor if you decide to treat your disease with natural remedies along with your current treatment.


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