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What Is Oral Health

what is oral health


“It is still not well known how important the teeth are for our health and how health is important for teeth. Usually, we appreciate our teeth when we lose it. Many consider it to be sufficient if they have a dentist available. That’s why they are indifferent to their teeth. In other words-  teeth can be characterized as our external defense guard.

All About Teeth

The teeth can be compared with the armored tower. They are surrounded by tooth enamel from the outside, which is compared with the armored plate, as the tooth enamel is the toughest tissue of the body, built of hard calcium fluorine. The tooth enamel will contain an appropriate layer of fluorine calcium if the mother did not have any disorders in the metabolism of the minerals during pregnancy. The enamel will be hard and will last from 60 to 80 years, or maybe more.

Below the enamel, there is dentin, which is compared to porous limestone. Dentin is protected by a solid enamel and cannot be damaged in any way until the protective enamel is intact. A cavity in the tooth, which extends into the root is called the root canal. In the middle of the tooth, this channel expands. This space is called tooth pulp. The pulp is spongy and is composed of fine tissue and nerves. In the root canal and dental pulp, there are respiratory, lymph, and nervous system. The nervous system in the tooth can be characterized as an alarm system that informs us of the pain in all disease states in the tooth. Thus, we are informed that with our teeth are something wrong.

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What Is Dead Teeth

Unfortunately, we can also have dead teeth. There is no longer any defense against external influences in these teeth. Small tooth damage will thus remain unadjusted. We will also not notice that dentin is damaged. This can also happen with a tooth that is outside closed. In the non-sterile work of the dentist, the tooth may be defective from the inside outwards. The consequence is that a dead tooth is formed. Some protection is also provided by the root skin surrounding the tooth root. Around the roots, we find a whole network of nerves and veins. It is interesting that the teeth stay healthy when properly biting and consuming fresh foods. This is exactly the opposite of what we see in other devices, which run down with use. Due to the pressure in biting is activated in the healthy tooth certain stimuli. This is then transmitted through the nerves around the root skin to the vessels that spread. This gives the teeth more blood. The increased amount of blood means better nutrition for teeth and thus the teeth are automatically regenerated. Solid food forces a person to bite well. With this diet, we fortify the teeth and they stay healthy.

What Foods Strengthen Teeth

Not only solid food but also wholefood is necessary to maintain healthy teeth. Blood can only transfer those nutrients and materials for the regeneration, which has at its disposal. If the food is poor with limestone,  then even the best care for teeth does not help because the required nutrients are missing. A mason, which will mix in its mortar too little lime or cement, will not be able to make a solid wall. It’s the same with teeth. Lack of limestone, vitamin D, and fluoride, and the lack of other vital substances leads to poor and degenerate teeth. Degenerative teeth and tooth decay are the results of the improper diet. Primitive peoples who live in natural conditions generally have good teeth. There are nations where dentists would not find any work. The only thing they could find would be nice teeth. These peoples have excellent hereditary conditions and therefore have excellent enamel. In children, we must ensure that they get food rich in limestone and calcium. When we feel any change in the teeth, e.g. sensitivity of the teeth to cold or warm, bite sensitivity, a dental examination is necessary. This way, we will repair a little damage. If tooth enamel is damaged, the bacteria can penetrate into the interior of the tooth. Bacterias can’t destroy enamel because it’s too solid. They inhabit the tooth roots or dentine and decompose it.

Dead Tooth Infection

The name already tells us that dead teeth have no life. Such teeth can no longer be recovered and can represent a bacterial spot. The specialty is that there is not always pain in the changes on such teeth. If we look at such teeth with X-rays, we often find granulomas ( bacterial points at the top of the roots), or even sepsis. Even these conditions are not always accompanied by pain. From bacterial points, inflammation can spread on the body and can cause headaches, dizziness, rheumatic diseases, anxiety, disorders in the general well-being, and nerve inflammation. For this reason, many people do not feel good and feel sick at any slightest exertion or change of weather. Usually, all-natural remedies are very modest, as problems persist over and over again. That’s why these people are seriously affected. These problems can also be caused by a defective liver.  Such infected spots can be found in teeth, tonsils, or other parts of the body. If we remove the tooth root or pull the tooth out, all the problems usually disappear. I’m always looking at the possible inflammation of dental cavities in people who live healthily and have never had specific diseases,  but constantly feel a slight headache, feel bad, they are too tired or have other pain. When they extract the painful tooth and thus remove the pus, they feel as good as they have not for years. Therefore, for us, civilized people are absolutely necessary to take care of our teeth more. We also need to be careful that we regularly perform examinations with the dentist. In the case of crowns that do not “sit well”, the root skin is often inflamed. Because of unprofessional treatment, we lose many teeth. Many people react adversely to certain metals. Metal can act as a catalyst and cause unpleasant tension. Modern dentists take great care of this. Some people do not tolerate amalgam fillings. I watched people who had constant headaches. Headaches stopped when the amalgam filling was removed from the tooth. If we make sure that children get natural food, they will have healthy teeth and a healthy body. In the selection of food, it is essential to select the correct bread. Choose Graham’s bread from wheat and rye. Rye has fluorine and is thus directly involved in building a healthy enamel.

How To Take Care Of Teeth

Tooth care is more important to our health than any beauty care. As a small child, I did not agree that I had to wash my teeth every day. I thought that my freedom was already sufficiently limited by the fact that I had to wash daily and clean the nose several times. Why should I have more work with all of this? I have heard that primitive people have healthy and beautiful teeth without caring for them. I also realized that today’s food is no longer as useful as the food of primitive peoples. My parents told me that bacteria is settling between the teeth and it start to decomposing and destroying diseased teeth. In every small corner, bacteria find their hiding places, where they develop, make colonies, and destroy teeth. How about bacteria in primitive peoples? Why do their teeth remain beautiful and healthy? Or bacteria in them have opportunities for development and the destruction of the teeth?

Even primitive nations have bacteria in the mouth. Because enamel is not damaged, bacteria cannot develop. The enamel may be more solid as granite and bacteria can’t get into the dentin. Why do we find teeth in primitive nations in such a good, healthy state? The answer is simple: because their diet is not as bad as ours. Not only the teeth, the skeleton, but the whole body is also affected and is less resistant to illnesses. Primitive nations have such teeth that they can bite properly and so clean their teeth.

Food For Healthy Teeth

Healthy, unprocessed natural food has, besides other substances, enough limestone and fluorine for dental enamel. That’s why primitive nations have such beautiful teeth; all necessary substances are obtained in their food. It is not an important race to have beautiful teeth, but only natural food. This claim is proved by the nations, who live for generations as a civilized nation in North America. They adopted American habits and needs, and thus partly lost the health of their teeth. They lost their healthy resistance and because they do not have natural food, they must clean and nourish their teeth as well. Should we wash our teeth? Certainly, we need to wash them because we no longer have natural resistance and protection. That’s why we must mechanically remove unwanted oral bacteria. For healthy teeth, it is necessary to eat natural food and to wash them continuously. All people who live with natural food have nice teeth. White flour and white sugar should be on a pillory. In every dental clinic and school, they should display clear images of the harmful effects of white flour and white sugar.

How To Clean Your Teeth

Some instructions for tooth care will be of benefit to everyone. The teeth must be cleaned regularly with a simple remedy. This can only be a toothpaste that does not have a lot of chemicals, or it can also be ash or some other natural remedy, such as baking soda and salt. Any minor dental defect must be treated immediately. We must avoid the formation of dead teeth. If we do not repair small defects, they eventually increase so the dentist has to remove the tooth pulp. The tooth without pulp is dead tooth and acts as a foreign body. We must take good care of such dead teeth as they are dangerous for the formation of granuloma. Such granuloma is a hotbed of bacteria or their toxins, which constantly pass into the body. Many times such a granuloma does not hurt. In rheumatism, we often forget about teeth and therefore ask ourselves where rheumatism came from. Such rheumatism can develop into arthritis and later into polyarthritis. This is a severe illness that can occur as a result of granulomas. Granulomas may also cause other variety of disorders such as pain or cramps in the heart area, increased heart rate while walking uphill, renal and liver dysfunction, or disorders in other organs. In all this, we do not discover the cause of these problems, or better, we do not even think about it. The first who had drawn attention to this are American dentists. The shadow of this peak was the short-sightedness that, in addition to granulomatous teeth, all healthy teeth were removed in every discovered rheumatism. This is of course nonsense, which was practiced by many doctors in the world until they realized that this is the wrong method.

How To Have Healthy Teeth

We need healthy teeth for good chewing. It is well known that we must chew food well because well-chewed food is half of the digestion. The true value of food is obtained only if we make good use of the salivary glands.  We don’t have without meaning 6 bigger and several smaller salivary glands, which discharge different alkaline saliva. Their activity is of great importance for the whole digestion. If the food is well-chewed and soaked with saliva, half the amount of digestion is done. With good chewing, the teeth remain healthy. If we eat raw apples, our teeth find work, and apple juice helps us clean teeth. We must always be careful to enjoy healthy, natural food. With such food, we keep healthy and strong teeth.

What Is Paradontoza

Paradontoza is a major problem for the dentists because they have to fight it with all the art and effort. Usually, this effort is worth only modest success. Treatment of this disease, in which the chronically inflamed gums are disappearing is a serious problem for the patient and the dentist because the teeth become loose and may fall out. A partial solution is a massage of a painful area with a cabbage juice or other natural remedy. In addition to cleaning,  hygiene, and massage, we need to eat foods rich in calcium and vitamins.

Paradontoza is not a contagious disease. The cause of this disease is found in a vitamin deficiency, which is possible in today’s civilization. It’s different with Indians and Africans, who have kept the original natural diet. These nations do not know about this disease. Primitive nations, who love their natural food, do not know the dentist. That food plays in the health of the teeth really important role, we see from the fact that we achieve a good effect on the consumption of fresh and raw food. We must remove white bread and candy from the menu. We must not lose patience, as it takes some time to see the success of the diet. Even if we have to wait a few months to succeed, we will be grateful when we reach it. Those who cannot eat such food must eventually fight with the deterioration of the disease. Despite good dental care, the disease can progress so that the patient loses the best teeth.”

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Reference: Vogel, A. The Nature Doctor: a Kaleidoscopic Collection of Helpful Hints from the Swiss Folklore of Healing. Verlag A. Vogel, 1952.

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