Common Cold Facts

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What Is Common Cold

Common Cold Facts


“The common cold, also known simply as a cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. The throat, sinuses, and voice box may also be affected.”

There is no human being in the world that didn’t get cold in his life. We all suffered from this short-term disease and we can prevent it with proper diet, which makes our immune system strong enough to fight various diseases.

What Is The Common Cold Symptoms

“Signs and symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever,  sometimes accompanied by muscle ache, fatigue, and loss of appetite.” Usually, we recover within 18 days.

What Causes Common Cold

  • Viruses

“In total over 200 viral types of viruses are associated with colds.”

common cold facts

  • Transmission

“The common cold virus is typically transmitted via airborne droplets (aerosols), direct contact with infected nasal secretions, or fomites (contaminated objects )”

  • Weather

“The traditional theory is that a cold can be “caught” by prolonged exposure to cold weather such as rain or winter conditions, which is how the disease got its name.”

  • Other

“Herd immunity, generated from previous exposure to cold viruses, plays an important role in limiting viral spread, as seen in younger populations that have greater rates of respiratory infections. A poor immune function is a risk factor for the disease. Insufficient sleep and malnutrition have been associated with a greater risk of developing an infection following rhinovirus exposure; this is believed to be due to their effects on immune function.”

What Is The Prevention For Common Cold

Prevention is better than cure, so by following a proper diet, we can prevent many types of diseases including cold. A strong immune system can fight diseases effectively. I recommend everyone to include probiotics and prebiotics ( eg. KEFIR ) in a daily diet, along with plenty of organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Mediterranean diet is proven to be one of the healthiest diets on the planet.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended to drink daily a variety of organic herbal teas, which have beneficial effects on our health. By regular drinking of herbal teas, we make sure that our body is strong enough to resist even the most powerful diseases. The healthy body works preventively against innumerable health problems.

“The only useful ways to reduce the spread of cold viruses are physical measures such as hand washing and face masks; in the healthcare environment, gowns and disposable gloves are also used.”


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